About us

Our company

Mad Hatter's Tea & Gifts, began as a family's vision of creating a place for unique people to purchase unique items that satisfy unique tastes. Over the years, our retail focus has evolved to now include the framework of nature's most powerful plants as a vehicle for the journey to a better quality of life. The time you spend in our stores is infused with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our mission is to provide our guests with a Wonderland-like experience of wellness-oriented products for a better quality of life and for an alternative to the typically pain-oriented lifestyle; we provide this alternative experience by creating a community where you feel like you belong. Mad Hatter's is proud to operate in Oklahom , Mississippi and Tennessee!


Our Products

We carry a variety of Kratom, herbal teas, CBD, Hemp products, artwork, merchandise, and more. The development of our brand is expanding, along with our customer base, so please check back for news and updated information about our stores, products, and events!


Notes to our guests:

Our stores are currently cash-only; we have an ATM located on the premises. Some of our products have age restrictions, so please check the local laws. We ID everyone. The U.S. FDA has not approved Kratom for human consumption. We look to provide a better quality of life and strongly support responsible supplementation. If anyone you know has a problem with addiction, please seek recovery. Our products do not cure illnesses. Our superior quality botanicals and our honest, friendly, knowledgeable staff are what make us stand out.